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“Mittetulundusühing Kakora” Articles of Association


Non-profit association name, seat and objective

1. The non-profit association’s name is “Mittetulundusühing Kakora”. Hereinafter referred to as “Kakora” in these articles of association.

2. The seat of the association’s management board is Tallinn.

3. “Kakora” is an individual volunteer non-profit association, which operates in the public interest and whose operational objectives are:

3.1 Ensuring that people with special needs have access to cultural activities;

3.2 The necessity of tangible books and the notification of consumers;

3.3 Mediation of cultural and health events between creative groups with special needs in different countries and the Republic of Estonia (exhibitions, concerts, trips)

3.4 The carrying out of training and organisation for the manufacturing of tactile books.

3.5 Development of unique tangible books and their manufacturing as handmade products.

3.6 Organisation of support sales and events.

3.7 Organisation of national and international competitions and contests.

3.8 In order to achieve the above named objectives and their support, a scholarship may be issued with a decision of the management board.


Terms and conditions for acceptance as a member in a non-profit association and withdrawal and exclusion

4. “Kakora” has rank and file members, support members and honorary members.

5. Rank and file members can be all individuals and specialists in their respective fields, while support members are businesses which wish to work together with the association and to help the association in achieving its objectives listed in the articles of association. Rank and file and support members are accepted on the basis of a written request, which is presented to the association’s management board. The membership fee, which is paid once per year, must be paid when becoming a member. The membership fee must be paid to the management board within one week after the approval of the decision by the management board. The candidate will be notified of the decision.

6. Individuals who have substantially developed and supported the associations work can be named as honorary members. To be named as an honorary member, the approval of the person being named is required.

7. A member of the association may withdraw from the association at any time by submitting a written request, which is submitted to the association’s management board.

8. The “Kakora” management board may expel a rank and file or support member if they have acted against the articles of association or if they have not paid the membership fee for two consecutive years.

9. The management board of “Kakora” will decide on the acceptance and termination of membership. The management board shall make a decision within one month, as of the date of receipt of the application, regarding membership or withdrawal.


Rights and obligations of association members

10. “Kakora” members have the right:

10.1 to participate in events organised by “Kakora”;

10.2 to submit proposals and interpellations to the management board regarding questions related to the activities of the association;

10.3 to elect and be elected to the various bodies of “Kakora”.

11. “Kakora” members are obligated:

11.1to be familiar with and fulfil the associations articles of association;

11.2 to pay the membership fee.

Honorary members have the same rights and obligations as rank and file members, but are exempted from the membership fee.




Management of the association

12. The highest body in the association is the general meeting. The work formats of the general meeting are the annual and special meeting.

13. General meeting:

13.1 elects management board members for a term of one year

13.2 decides on the amount of the membership/annual fee;

13.3 hears the reports of the management board representative;

13.4 approves the report by the management board for the previous years performed activities;

13.5 decides on the following years policies, and approves the budget prepared by the management board;

13.6 decides on amendments to the articles of association or objectives;

13.7 decides on the dissolution of “Kakora”

14. The general meeting may approve decisions if more than one half of the association members are present or represented. A resolution of the general meeting shall be adopted if more than one-half of the members of the general meeting or their representatives who participated in the meeting vote in favour.

15. The association’s management board is “Kakora’s” directing body during the period between general meetings. The association’s management board must have at least 3 members.

16. Association's management board:

16.1 elects the chairman and deputy chairman from among its members:

16.2 forms working groups when necessary;

16.3 initiates operational projects;

16.4 may hire necessary officials, whose activities are designated with corresponding instructions and who are required to report to the management board;

16.5 prepares its yearly budget for its own operations;

16.6 maintains a register of members and collects membership fees.

The association’s management board has a quorum if more than one half of the members are present. The decisions of the management board are approved during the management board meeting with a majority of the votes in favour at the meeting.

17.  The right to represent the association rests solely with the chairman of the management board and jointly between at least two members of the management board. The chairman of the association’s management board shall report on his activities to the management board and the general meeting.



Terms and conditions for calling a general meeting

18. The annual general meeting is held once per year at a time and location designated by the management board. The time, location and agenda for the general meeting will be announced by the management board at least one month before the general meeting takes place.

The chairman of the management board or his deputy will act as the chairman of the general meeting until the election of the chairman of the meeting.

19. A special general meeting will be called together:

19.1 with a decision of the association’s management board;

19.2 if it is requested by more than 1/3 of the association’s members.


Distribution of association assets upon dissolution of the association

20. After a decision has been made to dissolve the association, a liquidation committee will be set up comprising all the members of the Board. This committee will conduct an audit of the association’s assets and will handle the satisfaction of the creditors’ claims, and will transfer the remaining assets to an organisation (or organisations) with an objective similar to the association’s objective.

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